Who was Henri Fauconnier?

To answer this question and discover the lifepath of the peculiar writer after whom our school is named, we invite you you watch one of the versions of the plurilingual biography we have created.

There were several objectives to this project: we wanted to stress and celebrate the diversity of languages taught at LFKL, as part of the first ever Language Week sponsored by the French Ministry of Education this spring. 10 language teachers and around 75 students got involved, in 7 different languages.

We also wanted to take part in the naming of the school and pay tribute to the figure who was chosen to represent it. We hope to allow each member of the community (students, staff and parents), regardless of the languages they speak, to learn about the man behind the name and his life story.

So here is our video biography of Henri Fauconnier, available in French, Malaysian, Chinese, English, German and Latin, or in a plurilingual edit presented as part of the exhibition at the naming ceremony.

Congratulations to all students and teachers for this collaborative achievement!


For the teachers of Modern Languages and Classics,

Alicia Boudahri, English teacher