The LFKL library is a place for reading, work and research; it is open to students from the kindergarten to the Terminale class as well as to Lycée personnel. In addition to the hours set out in the class timetables, students may go to the library freely during the midday recess break and under certain conditions during a study period.



Literary Prizes

Each year, our two literary prizes, Azimut et Segalen, are launched in December. The theme the two prizes have in common is "Discovery of the World".

The Segalen prize for Lycées in Asia, is intended for our students in Seconde. A selection of 5 contemporary Francophone novels is submitted for appraisal by students in the 13 Lycées of the zone. This year we welcomed one of authors of the novels selected: Erik L'Homme for Des pas dans la neige.

Created in 2006 on the initiative of the librarians in the Asia zone, this project offers students of CM2, 6ème and 5ème a selection of 5 recent novels for young people to read. In the framework of the Azimut prize, we welcomed Pascale Perrier this March, author of many novels and non-fiction works for young people, including Pièges sur la neige,selected for the 2013 Azimut Prize.

The collections

- 1500 works of fiction (novels, drama, poetry)
- 1500 children's novels and stories
- 600 comic books
- 1500 non-fiction books
- 40 periodicals
- Reference books: dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases
- Documentation on career guidance : l'ONISEP (National Office for Education and Career Information) documents

The Library for the youngest children from TPS to CE2 includes:

- 1200 picture books
- 550 novels and stories
- 750 non-fiction books

-5 magazines

Books in English
- 1000 novels in the secondary library
- 200 non-fiction books, 300 picture books and 200 novels in the primary school library.


How we function

  • Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8.00 a.m.-4.30 p.m.
Wednesday 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Students may use the secondary and primary school libraries during the lunch hour.

Head : Stéphanie Ng, librarian
Assistant : Julien Comas

  • Loans

From the kindergarten to CP, children borrow a book for a week.
In CE, they borrow one or two books for a week.
From CM onwards, they can borrow up to three books and magazines for two weeks.
Special conditions are available for keen readers!

  • The computers

Students can use the computers to do research on the internet, in relation to their school-work, with the agreement of the librarian.