« Learning to eat means acquiring good habits while enjoying food. From childhood, by discovering new tastes and drinking a little of everything, we learn to balance our meals and like what is good for us, in order to be healthy. Therefore, SHF validates its daily menus with a dietician and we encourage all our students at the LFKL to consume the five essential elements which must make up each of our meals for dietary energy:

vegetables / grains / proteins (meat, fish, eggs…) / fruit / dairy products

… not forgetting bread, and water, as it is important always to hydrate oneself in the tropics.

Students from the Kindergarten and CP have a dedicated canteen and are served at the table.

For those in the elementary school and secondary school, there is self-service, which offers two varied and balanced meals every day: Asian dishes Western dishes

Do not hesitate to ask our team for any information on the organization of the canteen, the choice of meal and the organization of payment.

We can be reached at the following address: Nicolas BOUYNET

Canteen fares for 2016-2017


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