The School Board works in close collaboration with the academic management team of the school.  It meets once a month and employs its expertise in administrative and financial management for the school.  It employs most of the LFKL personnel. 

It is elected at the General Assembly of parents and serves for one year renewable per third.

You can contact the members of the Board at the following address:


Composition of the School Board

Following the elections at the General Assembly, the Board of LFKL Berhad is composed as follows:

  • Nathalie Aroyo: Chairman
  • Yves Boucher: Treasurer
  • Karen Westley: Secretary
  • Agnès Krassinine: Administrator
  • Gilles Dupuis: Administrator

The School Board’s Newsletters:

Accounts :



Reference: AEFE Circular n°2001 of 20 September 2016 (AEFE is Agency for French Education Abroad)

A decision-making body for pedagogic questions, the School Committee meets at least three times per year, chaired by the Head of School.  A tripartite body, it is made up of 5 members of the Administration, 5 members of personnel and 5 representatives from our public (3 parent representatives and 2 student representatives).

It adopts its own rules of procedure.

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Its members are elected each year for a term of one year among the three voting electoral groups.

List of representatives from the Administration:

  • Jean-Yves Bichel (Headmaster)
  • Paul-Marie Blanchard (Head of the Primary School)
  • Géraldine Crimier (Director of Finance and Administration)
  • Eric Coat (Head of Student Support Services)
  • Jean-Pierre Galland (Cultural Counsellor, French Embassy)
List of staff representatives:
  • Chloé Mansouri
  • Térésa Cameo
  • Marion Hoareau
  • Catherine Garland
  • Sylvain Coudray

List of parent representatives :

  • Hildegarde Wallerand
  • Laurence Brasseur-Lonqueu
  • Dominique Arnault
List of student representatives :
  • Anaïs Dupuis
  • Maxime Grenier

Invited :

  • Two representatives from the School Board
  • Two representatives of French Nationals abroad

School Committee meeting minutes


A consultative body for pedagogic and organizational affairs concerning the primary school, it is elected every year and is made up of primary school teachers and one parent representative per class.

It meets three times a year, prior to the School Committee meeting, chaired by the Head of the Primary School. 

List of incumbent representatives :
  • Bénédicte Augustin
  • Fanny Quentin
  • Rozenn Darmois
  • Karely Rioufol
  • Mélanie Popart
  • Olivia Prost
  • Hélène Legrand
  • Ségolène Guiraud
  • Bénédicte Vassitch
  • Anne Flogny
  • Isabelle Javierre Bouchard
  • Sophie Coste
  • Karine Guillem
  • Eric Olmedo
Minutes of the Primary School Council Meetings