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Tuesday August 30th
Return to school for teachers
Wednesday August 31st
National Day

Thursday September 1st

Friday September 2nd

Monday September 5th

Tuesday September 6th

Thursday: Start of school for primary students (CP to CM2), college & lycée students and new students in MS and GS.

Friday: Open morning of PS (students and parents) and return to school of all students of MS and GS.

Monday: Start of school for 1st group of PS (half classroom)

Tuesday: Start of school for 2nd group of PS (half classroom)

Friday September 16th
Malaysia Day
From Monday October 24th to Friday November 4th included Midterm break
From Wednesday December 21st to Tuesday January 3rd included
Christmas Holidays
From Monday January 30th to Wednesday 1st February included
Chinese New Year
From Monday February 27th to Friday March 10th included
February half-term
Monday April 17th Easter Monday
From Monday May 1st to Friday May 12th included Easter break
Monday June 26th and Tuesday June 27th Hari Raya
Tuesday July 4th (after class)
Summer Holidays



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Wednesday August 30th
Return to school for teachers
Thursday August 31st and Friday September 1st
National Day and Hari Raya Haji

Monday September 4th

Start of school for students

Wednesday October 18th

From Monday October 23rd to Friday November 3rd included

Midterm break
Friday December 1st
Anniversary of the Prophet

From Monday December 25th to Friday January 5th included

Christmas Holidays

From Wednesday January 31st to Friday 2nd February included

Friday February 16th Chinese New Year

From Monday February 26th to Friday March 9th included

February half-term

From Monday April 30th to Friday May 11st included

Easter break
Friday June 15th Hari Raya
Wednesday July 4th (after class)
Summer Holidays